Dana Kowalski

Software Engineer
Champaign, IL

Tel: (217) 714 - 3925


Technical Skill Set

Languages: CFML (Adobe ColdFusion), PHP, XHTML/HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Perl, some .NET
Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2017, MySQL 4/5
Revision Control: Git, Subversion
Testing: MXUnit, JUnit, JMeter


Developer with over fifteen years of experience developing software for private companies, and secure Government web application projects. Seeking a remote developer opportunity that can leverage my skill set.


Aug 2014 - Dec 2017
Senior Developer

Provided web application development to a national provider of background screening service in the multi-family housing industry. The primary responsibility revolved around the development, implementation, and maintenance, of third party integrations to provide secure bi-directional data exchange for customers. This included design, development, and implementation of oAuth, multi-factor authentication, and enhanced security solutions to an existing legacy platform.

Riverside Research
Dec 2012 - Jul 2014
Software Engineer

Provided contracted web application development for multiple Government agencies using a variety of technologies, including: ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, JQuery, CSS, XHTML. The main project was the development of a building commissioning application that leveraged specific Government construction initiatives to provide facility management to multiple agencies. The work also included the development, and maintenance, of a legacy platform that provided critical support to construction engineering projects around the globe.

Gravity Squared Inc.
Oct 2007 - Dec 2013
Owner / Software Engineer
  • National Institute of Building Sciences

    The role for this work was as the Lead Senior Developer providing secure web application development of Government construction business solutions, as a sub contractor for the National Institute of Building Sciences. The customers for this effort included the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of State, NASA, GSA, and The Naval Facilities Engineering Command. The technologies included in the effort were ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Jquery, CSS, XHTML, XML, web service & REST API development. The role also revolved around securing, and performance tuning, high availability systems for customer usage, under NIST guidelines. The team on this project garnered several awards from the U.S Army Corps of Engineers for the Dr. Checks design review application.

  • Bowhead

    Lead Senior Developer for a classified web application development project, as a sub contractor.

The Pertan Group
Jan 2005 - Oct 2007
Lead Web Application Developer

Provided contracted secure application development for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and various other Government agencies, across multiple classification levels, and following NIST guidelines. The position required an extensive knowledge of ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, Web Standards, and Section 508 compliance.

AlphaData Corporation
Apr 2004 - Jan 2005
Junior Web Application Developer

Provided contracted secure application development for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project involved developing a custom framework, written in ColdFusion and powered by SQL Server, to address specific Government construction business processes.

Booz Allen Hamilton
Oct 1999 - Apr 2004
Web Developer

Contracted web developer support for the Air Force Research Laboratories IFE Division. The position evolved from a junior developer to senior lead role, managing over fifty individual programs websites across multiple classification levels. An extensive knowledge of XHTML, CSS, Javascript, ColdFusion, PHP, secure script development, Section 508 compliance, and all related tools was required.

Jun 1996 - Oct 1999
Web Developer

Web Development for small businesses in the Central NY area. This was an invaluable period that developed a strong capability for problem solving. The internet was in its formative years, and a wealth of information on web development solutions were not readily available.

Certifications, Education, & Background

Security Clearance
I have previously held clearances at multiple classification levels, via the Air Force, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Department of State, for Government IT contracts.
Computer Science
1998 - 1999
Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica, NY
General Studies (part time/distance learning)
Parkland College, Champaign, IL